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Welcome To The Chaos Group Of Canada

The Chaos Group of Canada is a Risk Management & Cyber Security Company. We provide multidisciplinary expertise in Governance, Risk, and Compliance, Cyber security, penetration testing and threat monitoring.

At The Chaos Group of Canada, we empower organizations to proactively manage risks and compliance requirements by providing an integrated platform that streamlines governance, risk management and compliance processes.​​s.

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What We Do?

Governance and Oversight

Cultivate an organization with clear lines of accountability, decision-making authority, and allocation of responsibility to achieve mission and vision

Strategy and Performance

Set objectives and align strategies, tactics, and measurable key results to make progress toward your mission, realize your vision, and demonstrate your values.

Risk and Decisions

Address uncertainty and make better decisions at all levels of the organization by identifying, analyzing, and addressing objectives, opportunities, obstacles, and obligations.

Compliance and Ethics

Empower the organization to act with integrity by addressing obligations and operating within mandatory (legal) and voluntary (values) boundaries

Security and Continuity

Prepare the organization for attacks and crisis so that physical and digital assets are robust, resilient, and become stronger under stress.

Advisor & CISO

Provide assurance to management, the board, and other stakeholders that the organization is achieving objectives, addressing uncertainty, and acting with integrity.

With Respect To Each Customer

The Chaos Group of Canada, we empower organizations to proactively manage risks to their business!


Welcome To The Chaos Talks & Podcast

Building the Impossible hosted by Gregg Jorritsma

“The Chaos Talks: Building the Impossible” is a concise podcast crafted for entrepreneurs to share their journeys, with the hope that their experiences and wisdom may prove valuable to fellow entrepreneurs. The podcast offers an informal dialogue, allowing guests to discuss the challenges they’ve conquered, their achievements, and, naturally, the invaluable insights they’ve gained about both their businesses and their personal growth as leaders.

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